Our Horses


Shorty is a Norwegian Fjord gelding. Known for their strength and hardiness, Fjord horses are often considered small draft horses. With their typically calm and gentle temperaments, they make wonderful therapy horses.

Shorty is a big horse in a slightly smaller package. Standing at 14.2 hands, he is a willing partner in several different riding disciplines. Sired in Bellingham, WA, he spent his early years as a pony club horse and was also later ridden as a trail horse. At 13 years old, he is in his prime and hitting his stride by consistently demonstrating his versatility and willingness to work with riders of all levels.

Shorty is owned by Wayne and Catherine Cesaro and lives with them in their pasture in Langley. When he is not giving lessons, he enjoys hanging out with his pal Cody and trail riding with his owners.


Cody is a quarter horse palomino gelding with a big personality and a kind heart. At 18 years old, he has a wealth of experience primarily in English riding and the hunter jumper disciplines. In his younger years, he was ridden as a Western trail and gaming horse and excelled at events requiring precision and stamina.

Cody is a steady, sensitive and willing riding partner and a very capable therapy horse. He lives with Catherine and Wayne Cesaro and his best friend Shorty at their home in Langley. When not giving lessons, Cody enjoys trail riding and schooling with his owners.

Sponsor a horse

All of Equestrian Crossings’ horses are available to sponsor. By sponsoring a horse, you help defray the cost of their care and frequent transportation to our arenas. This allows us to provide more scholarships to eligible students and keeps lesson fees affordable. When you sponsor a horse, you will be sent a photo of the horse and updates on their activities.