EqX Blog – October 20, 2014

2014 classes are over, but there is no ‘off-season’ for us at EqX. The Board of Directors (BOD) and Instructors have a to-do list to keep our program up and running and growing as we plan for 2015.

A current priority is to fill open positions on our Board. We are a volunteer board of a small non-profit with a huge potential to grow as we continue to meet the needs of our community with an equine program that offers many options for many riders.

I started as a volunteer in 2011 in the arena, as a side-walker for adaptive riders. When there was an opening on the EqX Board in November 2012, I stepped up, as President. What I brought to the EqX program was a professional background working for county and state boards.

Since then we’ve made changes and we’ve made progress. Our budget is healthy, committees were developed, we applied for and received some nice grants, we have our own 501(c)3, we have 3 CHA certified instructors and our student and volunteer base continue to grow. The EqX Vaulting Team was instrumental in an American Vaulting Association (AVA) rule change that now includes adaptive riders in competition. We offer tax-incentives for owners whose horses are used in our program, we are able to reimburse our Instructors for some professional certification classes or conferences, and we area again offering students lower 2015 class rates if paid before December 31.

The EqX Board and Instructors accomplished this as a team. For all the progress we’ve made, we still have lots to do.

This time of year we actively recruit new board members for open positions. Our BOD consists of an Executive Board (President, VP, Treasurer and Secretary) and At-Large board positions. Each At-Large board member heads a committee. As our priorities change, these committees change. Currently, the Secretary position is open, and must be filled.

No experience with horses, or board work? Please don’t let that stop you from contacting EqX. We work as a team, and we are looking to add more team members. We are looking for community members to bring their expertise, interest, and enthusiasm as At-Large board members to Equestrian Crossings.

With Best Regards to All,

Bridget Simon

President, EqX